Pump Motors

A Motor pump is a mechanical device, used to move the liquids/gases from one place to another by using mechanical action. The working principle of the water pump is, it converts the motor’s energy from mechanical to fluid flow. These are classified into various types based on the technique they use for supplying the liquid like direct, gravity and displacement.

A pump operates by using a mechanism like rotary or reciprocating and they consume energy for performing mechanical work to move the liquid. Pumps use several energy sources for their operations like manual, wind power, electricity, engines, etc. These are available in many shapes based on its application like medical to large industries.

There different mechanical pumps available in the market to serve in an extensive range of applications like water pumping from wells, filtering of the aquarium, pond, in industries like automobile, energy, medical, etc.

Types of Pumps

Generally, pumps are classified into two main types like dynamic/centrifugal pumps and positive displacement (PD) pumps. Further, these two types are classified into many types.