Coconut Shell Powder

Coconut Shell Powder, as the name implies, is made from the most organic and versatile part of the coconut – the shell. Coconut shell, generally, is known for its high toughness, excellent durability characteristics, increased abrasion resistant properties and longer life. The chemical composition of the shell is somewhat similar to hard wood with the exception of higher lignin content and lower cellulose content.

Coconut shell flour is manufactured from the shells of fully matured nuts that are first cleaned completely of pithy matter sticking to it and broken down into crumbs. These pieces are exposed to continuous grinding in grinding mills and ground mass, after going through cyclones and vibratory sieves having phosphor-bronze mesh, are finally thrown out in various mesh sizes.


The following are some of the applications of Coconut Shell Powder:

1. It is useful as a raw material for Activated Carbon industries.

2. It is used as filler in the manufacture of Bakelite Plastic or Phenolic Molding Powder and extender.

3. As a filler material for synthetic resin glues.

4. It is often made use of with special surface finishing liquid products as mastic adhesives, absorbents, bituminous products and resin casting.

5. As a mild abrasive in heavy duty hand cleaner pastes.

6. It lends a lustrous, smooth and the perfect finish to moulded articles and also increases their resistance to heat and moisture.