Centrifugal And Worm Gear Pumps

What is a gear pump?

A gear pump is a rotary positive displacement pump that can be of two designs – Internal Eccentric or External (also known as helical gear).

The design chosen for a process is dependent on the viscosity of the fluid and pressure required as the internal design is altered according to fluid type with differing styles of teeth fitted to suit conditions which limits rotational speed.

They are very versatile being self-priming up to 6.5M, positive displacement generating non-pulsating flow and handling viscosities between 1 CST and 1,000,000 CST.

How does a Gear pump Work?

Gear pumps operate via two idler gears, where fluid travels between cavities within the teeth and cavity. The fluid is trapped by the teeth as they rotate. As a fluid chooses the path of least resistance fluid flows towards the discharge via the meshed parts. There are two variants in design being either External or Internal.